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African Safari with Trust Tours And Safaris Company Limited

Indulge in the impeccable splendor of East Africa and beyond with Trust Tours and Safaris Company Tanzania. Our commitment to preserving the local wildlife and environment elevates our safari experiences, ensuring an unforgettable African adventure for you. As ambassadors of the breathtaking terrain we call home, you can expect nothing but the utmost attention to detail as we cater to your every desire, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Trust Tours and Safaris Tanzania invites you to luxuriate in our Kilimanjaro Packages, journey through Meru and witness the Serengeti Migration Safaris, offering the very best Tanzania Safari Tours for those who seek the finer things in life.
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We will tune into your wishes, your timeline, your budget, and your interests, and plan with you a safari of a lifetime. We do the work you don’t have to do, allowing you to maximize your travel pleasure and minimize travel anxiety.
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African Safari!

Plan the Adventure of Lifetime, We create luxury safari experience unlike anyother.


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Kilimanjaro climb!

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"Ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure? Join our Kilimanjaro climb group for 2023/2024 and conquer the majestic mountain together. Don't miss this exhilarating opportunity to challenge yourself and experience the breathtaking beauty that awaits atop Africa's highest peak."

Customers Reviews

Here's What Some Of Our Awesome Customers Had To Say
Evaline MshanaEvaline Mshana
14:42 15 Mar 23
The guides Jonas and Samuel did an excellent job leading our way up to Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro summit. They see the client and can meet their needs and give the extra confidence you need. I am so happy for choosing Trust Tours safari and how everything worked smoothly. The price was reasonable and the service was great. The information beforehand was good. Thank you!
Eliakunda MungureEliakunda Mungure
09:33 17 Dec 21
I climbed Kilimanjaro with Trust Tours on 8 days Lemosho route.They have a professional staff both guides,cooks,and Porter. It was a group trek of 12 people and all we made to Uhuru peak . What an experience 💪💪.I recommend Trust Tours under Ombeni on your trek to Kilimanjaro
Andreea J (AJ)Andreea J (AJ)
08:22 08 Dec 21
I was a solo traveler, and i did with Trust Tours the 9 days northern circuit up Kilimanjaro, followed by a 5 days Serengeti Migration Safari.The Kilimanjaro climb was absolutely fabulous, the team was amazing and they made me feel so comfortable and taken care of. And Tim and Deo, my guides, were the best people to hang out with, have fun, sing, learn swahili, and climb Kili. It was a real delight. They also changed the schedule for me and we finished the climb one day sooner.The safari was amazing, pure nature, the guide, Francis taught me so much about birds, and shared with me his books, and i would read and we would talk about the animals, not just 'see' them. Of course we managed to see the wildebeest migration and talk about it, read about, learn about it.There were only 2 downsides:1. I didn;t have cash, and one of the ATM charged my account without releasing cash, for which i had to argue with banks to receive the reimbursement after 2 months.2. In the safari camp, Mikese Tented Camp, in serengeti, someone from the camp staff stole money from my wallet, - while i was at dinner and i had left my fanny bag with my wallet inside a zipped pocket, in my tent on the table. It was just 70 euros, the only cash i had, since i don't carry cash usually. The camp management was disturbed by the happening, but eventually failed to find the culprit or reimburse me. Either way, they have treated me extremely well, like part of a little family, and i am very grateful for it.All in all i had an amazing experience, and it is very important to understand the difference in culture and lifestyle. Everyone absolutely did their best to welcome me, and i really felt welcomed and taken care of. Maybe even better than in a family :)I highly recommend them.
Deliverance KiwareDeliverance Kiware
13:14 10 Jun 18
AMAZING EXPERIENCE !!!I went on this trip with my friend Olivia and we have been talking about it for years.We spent 6 days visiting Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater.It was difficult to make a choice but finally we went with Trust Tours and Safaris Company Limited and it has been a super positive experience. We were picked up at 3 am by our driver and guide Daniel and he stayed with us for the entire stay, drove us safely to Tarangire where we spotted our first elephants and Cheetah. We saw more animals in Lake Manyara and enjoyed our 2 night stay in Tented camps with hot showers twice day.During the entire trip, we had good meals and did feel completely safe.Our guide Daniel has been a great 'travel companion' as well. He was great in spotting animals, explain us how they hunt or what they eat. He was patient and very kind and we also got to know how locals live and what life is like in general.I can only say the very best about our experience and OMBENI has done a great job organizing all of that for us !!THANK YOU !!!
Andreas GalanakisAndreas Galanakis
18:01 06 Nov 17
We went to Tarangire National Park with the Trust Tours And Safaris Company. It was a unique experience, our guide Ombeni did a great job arranging our daytrip. I strongly recommend to let Trust Tours and Safaris Company to arrange your next trip in Tanzania.

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